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Thread: Anti-Shooting Statement from Countryside Alliance

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    Anti-Shooting Statement from Countryside Alliance

    Please, if you can, give the CA a call on 0207 840 9200 regarding their "spokesman" on today's Wednesday 8 April "Alan Titchmarsh Show" on ITV. A discussion on proposals to reverse Labour's Hunting Act took place.

    During this the CA "representative" - Jim Barrington - used words in regard to the shooting of foxes such as a "leg blown off", a "jaw blown off", "wounded", and going off "to die in a hole".

    It is quite unacceptable for this to go unchallenged and the more of us telephone the better.

    A CWD or a muntjac isn't much bigger then some foxes and how long before other organisations start quoting the CA and such public statements on a "leg" or a a "jaw being "blown off" to use it against shooting of deer?

    On the lines of "a CA representative was on television recently saying that shooting fox sized animals with rifles was cruel and could lead to wounding with legs and jaws being blown off".

    After you call the number, please, stay on the line until you get to actually speak to a member of staff and make your comments known.

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    I want to find out more, my insurance is with the CA this year. Strangely enough, i was warned they were not completely pro shooting.

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    The CA is strongly pro-hunting (nothing wrong with that, a lot of us are), however, one of their spurious arguments for the lifting of the hunting ban (an iniquitous piece of legislation) is that the alternatives ESPECIALLY SHOOTING are inherently cruel.
    If you support shooting sports, maybe you ought to reconsider your contribution to the CA?
    The politicians love divide and conquer, the CA are playing into their hands, as Enfieldspares points out it is only a matter of time before our oponents quote them on this to build the case for outlawing deerstalking.

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    Steady boys ... my understanding is that the CA line (based upon evidence published in the Burns Enquiry?) differentiates between the legal control of fox using a rifle and a shotgun. With the rifle being the preferred, and more humane, weapon for dispatch over a shotgun.

    Best the CA speak up for themselves and clarify their position.

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    Quote Originally Posted by 308rws
    Steady boys ... my understanding is that the CA line (based upon evidence published in the Burns Enquiry?) differentiates between the legal control of fox using a rifle and a shotgun. With the rifle being the preferred, and more humane, weapon for dispatch over a shotgun.

    Best the CA speak up for themselves and clarify their position.
    Very true. Unfortunately as we all know too well, Joe Public and the media simply don't differentiate between shotguns (legally held or otherwise), rifles (ditto) and handguns (ditto). The herd mentality and received wisdom says any person with a 'gun' = dangerous nutter, ergo everyone with a gun should be legislated out of existence.

    The CA, and folk like the Middle Way Group - all of whom claim to be "media savvy" - really do need to watch their mouths. They really should avoid such emotive language and concentrate on getting a balanced view across. Anyone with half a brain is going to know the media will utlise editorial control to sex up the piece, so it behoves anyone in front of a microphone to choose their words very carefully.

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    I really cannot see the problem with what was said it was the truth and it does happen with both deer and foxes so why lie and pretend it does not.

    Anyone who says it has not happened to them is either a liar on has not shot many deer or foxes.

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    I haven’t seen the program it’s self but if they did use those words then it would be inappropriate. When you go on a national Television programme you don’t damage the image of another field sport for the gain of your own.

    Standbuck I would have to disagree with you, it is true we have all wounded animals and had to follow up with a second shot, but you don’t go on national TV and claim that rifle shooting is very inhumane as it leads to wounding and series injury. You can’t say that sort of thing to the general public as they will jump to assumptions believing that it happens all of the time. There’s a fine line between telling the truth

    As far as insurance goes BASC or BDS is far better than the CA.

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    From the CAs own web site -

    Divide and rule will never work - Countryside Alliance Chief Executive Simon Hart explains why the animal rights lobby's "divide and rule" strategy has not worked

    We knew that it was not possible to attack hunting and at the same time leave shooting and the rest of the countryside untouched. We know now that a victory for hunting and the repeal of the Hunting Act would be the greatest protection that shooting could ever have. We have an opportunity in the next 18 months to protect shooting, on the foreshore and inland, in November and in February, under the sun and under the moon, for a generation. Whether ‘fowler, pheasant shooter or fox hunter this is not an opportunity we can afford to miss..

    It would appear that neither Simon Hart nor Jim Barrington is aware of what the other is saying. Seems to me the CA are doing a pretty good job at the dividing side of things themselves without any help from the antis. It has been said elsewhwere on this forum that, in truth, the CA are a single issue group whose only real agenda is the repeal of the hunting act. If the CA are so solidly in favour of shooting sports will they also seek to repeal the ban on SLRs and pistols? Somehow I doubt it. For all its alledged shortcomings it is BASC that remains the only truly representative association for the recreational shooting sportsman.

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    Dear All,

    This is me, David, talking, and not an ‘official response’ from BASC.

    This is not the first time the hunting brigade have turned on shooting, claiming that shooting is cruel and hunting is not. Indeed, this attitude towards shooting, to me, seemed rife during the long years of debate, marches and meetings running up to the ban.

    I am sure that the hunters would not welcome shooters making similar claims against hunting would they? In my opinion no one field sport should put down another in an attempt to justify itself - that is wrong and frankly drags us all down.

    I can see more of this coming up over the next year or so as we head to an election. The Tories have clearly said if they win they will bring hunting back to Parliament, and may even repeal or amend the Act which is what I am sure the CA and the hunters want. But at what price to shooting I wonder?


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    There is obviuosly a serious error here made on the part of the CA in terms of being "Media Savvy", however, the cause of the problem is with their choice of "Representative" as Jim Barrington is actually a LACS defector. He used to be the Chief Executive of LACS before defecting to the CA after the hunting ban.

    I do agree that the CA should do more to promote shooting sports (and fishing for that matter) . However, in its defence, it should also be noted that the CA also do also act as a politcal lobbying groupr on wider rural issues such as post offices/ fly tipping etc. and promote rural businesses.

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