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Thread: Are there fallow in Galloway?

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    Are there fallow in Galloway?

    Having returned this weekend stalking in galloway, I am convinced that I cought a glimpse of a fallow doe,pale with a line accros her side with light spots underneath,very light head and a doe with a fawn again,very pale underbelly almost all white,grey top half over the back and a tail.Just thought I'd ask the question if anyone knows of fallow in the area.

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    Loads of fallow in Galloway

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    Yes, there are Fallow in the Rae Hill's/St. Anns that i have seen and i'm sure there will be other places. Ian

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    Cheers,I wasn't shure seems a little bit of a bonus.Thanks again

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    Plenty near Newton Stewart. Shot a decent buck near the end of season.

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    As mentioned above, two populations in D and G, newton Stewart/Cree area and Rae hills.

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    I sincerely appreciate you replies gents, the doe and fawn I saw was almost all white, while the doe that crossed in front of me had the line running,spots again fairly light coloured and a tail.

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    Think there's some near Gatehouse of Fleet.

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    I've seen them in the forest the other side of the motorway from Moffat.

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    We had 2000 acres estate with about half dozen white fallow west of Newton Stewart.

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