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Thread: Fun with the Buttolo

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    Fun with the Buttolo

    Managed to get out on Saturday morning armed with my Bino's, Camera and Buttolo Call to try my hand at a bit of calling just for fun. I chose a bit of scrub woodland on the heath near my home as I had seen one or two roe on that part of the heath , so I guessed there might be a roe nearby.

    I positioned myself right on the point of the wood, standing next to the thick hedge that goes around the wood. I was stood in a gateway, so by moving 6 feet or so I could watch along both sides of the hedge.
    I was in position for about 5.30am and a quick look over the field adjacent to the wood revealed a buck out feeding about 40 yds out in the field. He looked mature, so I decided to let the place settle down for a few minutes and then started calling. I peered along the hedge to check the position of the buck but he was no longer to be seen. I tranfered attention to the inside of the wood and after a few minutes caught a movement. There was the buck coming on strong through the tree, stopping every now and then. I had the buttolo in my pocket so everytime he stopped I let out a little peep, and that seemed to spur the buck on another few steps. As he came on I moved slowly to my right further around the end of the hedge, and in the end the buck came around the hedge ending up about three foot away from me. In fact I could have easily reached down and grabbed its antlers it was that close. It was licking its nose seemingly unaware of me. Eventually it looked up and jumped back about five feet in sheer surprise when it realised I was stood there. As it jumped I managed to lift the camera up and take a single picture before the animal disappeared.

    The picture is out of focus and framed very poorly as I just pointed the camera from the hip and clicked the shutter. The deer heard the click and was gone. The buck was stood about 10 feet away when I took the picture, in fact it was the camera equivalent of looking along the barrel to take a rifle shot!!


    Later on the same morning I also called a doe in, and I'll post a short sequence of pictures of the doe circling around me on the next thread

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    Nice one Andy, hope your keeping well. look forward to more photos.

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    A bit of decent excitement there Lakey,I love that sort of close encounter too.

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    Well done, Andy - I've tried using my Buttolo caller a few times over the last week, but without success yet. I'm not worried about it though, as like you, I was only doing it for fun - in my case whilst out foxing.

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