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Thread: AYA no4 20bore ejector

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    AYA no4 20bore ejector

    Due to the need for funds for more pressing things, somethings got to go, so I am selling my 20bore AYA #4 ejector. Its a lovely handling light gun, with oiled stock, 14 1/2 inch, and 27inch barrells. The stock is slightly cast as can ben seen in the pics.
    It retains all original colour hardening on the action, and is tight and crisp. There are a few minor marks to blueing on the barrells but these are superficial. It has a new 'Silvers' style recoil pad, fitted about 3 months ago, and a plain silver disc in the stock ready for engraving.......
    Seeing what they go for on guntrader I am looking for 1000 ono for it, which is considerably less than some on there, so please, no really silly offers........
    Face to face only, near Newmarket.

    PM me if you want any more info.


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    Deestalker - had to sell my No4 20 bore last year for the same reason. Really regret doing it, as they are a great game gun and I had some very memorable shots with mine. Good luck with the sale.

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    No takers? It'd make a lovely gun for the start of the season......... go on, you know you want it.........

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    I wish you luck is it cast for a l/h shooter ?

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    Evidently so, and perhaps the reason I can't shoot with it! D'oh!
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    Stock looks like it is cast 'cast-on' for a Left hander in the pics mate?
    I know a man that might want it if so
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