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Thread: Distance Scales on Scopes

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    Distance Scales on Scopes

    just looking around at scopes at the moment. Are the distance scale lines on scopes any use or just clutter in the line of sight?



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    Some say so, some so
    I prefer to have a very simple plex reticule and small adjustable turrets.
    Zero the rifle at 100 and depending on terrain set the zero to either 100 (woodland) or around 200yds if in open area. The schmidt precision hunter turrets are ideal for this.


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    Meopta have I think a very good rang finding reticle that is pretty discrete and doesn't clutter but is there if you need it.

    I have one and like it, but not sure if really needed for stalking with a flat shooting centrefire.

    Where one would be very useful is on a .22rf as you would then have several sight settings for ranges out to 100yds plus on rabbits.

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    I have the Swarovski TDS Plex reticles on 2 rifles and find them very easy to use. The scope comes with a booklet with different calibres and ammo and you zero the rifle dependant upon what you are using. Once it is set up the reticle then gives a number of hold-over aiming lines which correspond to different distances. They even supply stickers if you can't remember what is what.
    Both my rifles, although being different calibres, have the same characteristics - 100 -200 yards, aim straight at it - 300 yards, use the next one down. In the words of Aleksandr the Meercat, Simples!

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    There's alot of nonesence in circulation concerning scopes - mostly started by the scope companies themselves!

    Despite what people believe, the scopes issued to us in the army didn't have half the clutter now slapped all over the reticules of many modern expensive models and we commonly shot out beyond 1000yds.

    What really gets me is the large variable tactical scopes on sale for excess of 1,000. Why would you pay all that money for a variable milldot when the system is only accurate at 10X magnification?

    Do you commonly shoot beyond 200yds? Most calibres zero'd at 100 will only drop 2inches or less at 200 and 8inches or less at 300.

    Pay for the quality of the lenses and the materials; not the christmas tree smeared across the reticule. Buy a good quality fixed scope, plot your calibre out to 300yds and stick the card onto the side of the scope. If you're weak at range estimation - practice or buy a lazer rangefinder.

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