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Thread: Sako trg22 308,

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    Sako trg22 308,

    No longer for sale,
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    Mate I'm so sorry that's right up my street but it's just out of budget with the shopping list I have at the moment.

    I'm more than a bit gutted.

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    I have one of these in black. Very accurate and nice to shoot. Would say a good tack driver for sure. Hope you get your asking price

    Cheers Andrew

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    Thanks guy's and your right,very nice,comfy rifle to shoot, i just prefer me FN! which is without doubt the best tactical type 308 ive ever had! and easily as good as an AW!
    Wish i could keep em both!
    ATB Pete

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    I thought this would had been snapped up by now, times are sad

    Will to split, would take 1650 for the BARE rifle, which has to be the cheapest Green/Phos mint TRG any where!!!!!

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    Hi, does the above package come with any magazines.

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    Yep one,no brake,but sako thread protector.

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    Hi newsatten
    Thought I would just add in your initial post it does say that the brake is included , I would remove it then ? see below.

    Sako trg22 308,

    Hi guys,just testing the water, thinking of selling my mint and as new TRG22 in 308, GREEN/PHOS, 26" barrel,brake ,TRG 2 ring 30mm optilock i piece scope mount,extra cheek raiser,sling swilvels,bolt tool,front stud with Harris bipod, done nothing,and unmarked, 2000

    Superb as it is,i shot it this weekend back to back with my other 308, a FN SPR A3G, and i prefer the FN, i cant really afford to keep them both, due to my unempolyment,



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    Sako trg22 308,

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