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Thread: It pays to persevere

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    It pays to persevere

    Sika Malc wrote about his client' stalk, so I thought I'd write about the other Finnish clients stalk.
    Both of them had come with the desire to shoot a medal head, Malc had told them we would do the best we could but of course you can never guarantee an outcome.
    Whilst Malc and his lad went of to the arable land, we went of into the forest at 4.30 am, this forest is very thick in places, there are large rides and if you are very lucky you can catch the deer out as they wander across. For 2 hours we stalked and glassed everywhere, seeing Roe Does and Fallow, but not a buck in sight. At 7am I decided to go to one of the new high seats a friend (wadashot) had made and put up.(it's the one they put up on a rainy day) this is in an open glade and is brilliant, half way up the ladder I look to the side path and what do I spy, dog walkers they are going straight up through the middle of the clearing the woman says "I hope you don't shoot my dog " I reply. "I wont be shooting anything now thanks to you ". Anyway having had to walk half a mile through the wood to get there I decide we might as well sit and wait, there is still time for deer to appear. After the wood has settled about 8am I start to try the call, we wait and call for 45 minutes nothing, then guess what, another dog walker coming the other way with 2 dogs off the lead.We go back for breakfast highly annoyed.
    5.30pm we try out another part of the forest, we walk, we call, we wait, we call we walk etc until 9.45 all we saw were does everywhere, not a buck in sight, knackered we head home defeated. When we get back to the bothy there smiling before us is Malc with his client and a medal Roe Buck, probably gold, we are so happy for them .
    The next morning 5am we start again, this time we go to the arable land, I park the car in a field and decide to just have a quick look down the bottom of the field, as we are going to walk in the opposite direction for the morning, we get over the brow and see 3 Does grazing so decide to walk 100 yds to get a better check on the fields, we get 20yds further down and suddenly a Roe Doe charges round the corner followed by a very good buck, they both race around in the field below us, so crouching down we quickly and quietly make our way towards them, getting to within 120yds I get the client ready and tell him shoot when you are happy and steady, a few moments later the buck stands broad side on 110yds, bang, straight down. . Time from stopping the car to shooting the buck about 7 minutes,distance walked less than 100yds. Probably good bronze.
    We go out in the evening and see plenty of bucks and does but nothing shootable, until walking past yet another oat crop, a doe gets up and runs out across the field, bringing a nice cull buck, short spikes curved back over his head, I stop the buck with a whistle say shoot and instantly bang down he goes, I must say these Finns are very good attentive hunters, and on the ball. Our turn to go home smiling
    The next evening we were out in the oats again, looking for another cull buck, having walked into yet another oat field we see a good doe high up the field on a bend, I call she looks up not interested, I call again, same response only now I see something on my right hand side, it's a young doe steaming along the ride towards us, I nudge the client to look, and put the rifle slowly up on the sticks just in case a buck is in tow, she gets to within 60yds and stops, I say to the client lets have a game with her, so using the Cherrywood call I get her to come within 30yds then she runs back 20yds I call again she comes back we do this for a few minutes I then notice behind the doe a Fox has come a running, I tell the client when I have moved the doe out of the way shoot the Fox, he smiles broadly as he has never shot Fox before. I change the call to a kid call and move my arm, the doe jumps into the oats for safety, I call again and charlie hot foots it towards us, I whisper to client, I will bring the Fox closer and then stop him when it stops you shoot, Okay ? Okay ! I whistle, fox keeps coming now he's about 30yds out, I give a shrill whistle he stops and the same instant bang, down he goes. result, client happy, game keeper happy I'm happy. When we look around the doe is still standing in the oats and the other doe is still up the top of the field with a buck, but we have shot all that we came for and go home happy.
    It just goes to show how every day is different, our first was very long and difficult with no result.
    Our next was very short before a great result, and the last day was relaxed, enjoyable and a pleasure to be out with like minded people.

    Bring on the next batch Malc.

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    fantastic write up Robin
    "Politicians must be allowed to panic. They need activity. It is their substitute for achievement"
    "'The matter is under consideration' means we have lost the file. 'The matter is under active consideration' means we are trying to find the file."

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    Hi Robin it sounds like you and your client had a great few days, interesting that the cherrywood call was the one that attracted them. i will give it a go tonight, i will also be wearing the new hat so at least it will look like i know what i am doing, great article, well done, speak soon Geoff.

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    Nice write up Robin well done mate, happy days. see you soon.

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    Great reading, many thanks
    "Good advice is always certain to be ignored, but that's no reason not to give it." Agatha Christie

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    Robin, you old fox whisperer, well done mate

    A clever man knows his strengths, a wise man knows his weaknesses

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    Enjoyed this write up,really good story. Dog walkers seem to be oblivious to stalking!!

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    Many thanks for the replies lads, from the positive responses I may write a few more tales that Malc and I have been in.
    If I could remember how to post the pictures that would be even better.
    Mind you I do have trouble remembering anything these days,
    still on wards and upwards as they say.

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    Nice one Robin, great result!

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