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    sportsman gun centre

    just to let everybody know the problem that i had with sportsman has now been resolved .gary phoned me yesterday ,after a couple of emails to and frow,and i talked to him today and am happy with the outcome.the problem arose from the deal i had done with gary for a rifle mounts and scope -i got his best price ,which was cheaper than anyone else,and then being a cheeky bugger asked for a pair of binos on top.gary agreed but it was never written on the receipt ,and staff at exeter never sent them .i did send a couple of emails at the time but they where never passed on to gary as he woulds have honoured the deal ,he is harder to speak too than the pope.all now resolved with thanks to gary.derek

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    Good to hear that he sorted it out for you.
    Hopefully all those who read your comments about the service you recieved from Gary and SGC will now see this thread.

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    Power of the net
    i will add , never had a problem with SGC to date
    so good to hear of a productive resolve

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    Good result!

    Personally a response like that gives me a positive feeling about a company.

    For example... We get a lot of traders find a negative review about themselves on here and their first reaction is to jump straight in with the 'you'll be hearing from our solicitor' type emails. They miss the opportunity to sort the problem out and give confidence to other potential customers.

    It's a measure of a company how they deal with problems, so well done to SGC!


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    I have dealt with the Sportsman for many years and never had a problem.
    I have had the odd 'twitch' tho but it has all been down the the individual 'salesman' either being over enthusiastic and promising more than they can deliver or not knowing the full details of what I wanted.
    When such a thing occurs there has always been somebody else able to sort it out to my satisfaction.
    My last 'Goody Buy' day was when I bought a new pair of Swarovision Bins.
    I pressed for a discount and got a little bit but after crying for a few minutes I walked away with a small discount and a pop-up hide.
    The time before that was when I bought an already discounted high seat but after the usual 'poor pensioner' with a family to feed I walked away with the high seat and a box of rifle cartridges. They must have thought I started a familly late in life or took it as banter because it nearly always works
    Gary has walked through the shop when I have been buying and actually told the salesman to "look after me" but that was when he was in Paignton, I haven't seen him in the Dorchester shop.
    They have always done me well but it has always depended on whether you speak to someone that knows what he/she is talking about.

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    Good result and fair play to you for putting it straight,just a shame they didnt respond until they had a roasting on here,hopefully they will have learnt from this and move on......

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    SGC have always offered me very good customer service - also got the scope and bino deal recently but had no issues with this.

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