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    20 bore

    I am after a 20 bore. Missed a couple so still looking. Looking for a 20 bore not a barrelled down 12 bore. Fixed or multichoke I am not that fussed. Looking around the 600 mark give or take, single trigger. Looking to lighten the load. I was surprised looking at the weights of some as they matched the 12 bores. Anything out there. Jim

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    I currently have an AYA 20 bore for sale, just droppped the price a bit too........

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    I may be getting rid of my Browning 325 20bore. Will let you know tomorrow. Nice condition, about the price you mention.

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    Have a look at the 'Pointer 620' mate. Just got one for my son. Lovely little Turkish multichoke O/U which retails for about 600 new. I believe it is a copy of the Webley? Very good value for money!

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    Hi, any preference, pump or semi-auto etc.

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