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Thread: Tikka T3 trigger adjustment

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    Tikka T3 trigger adjustment

    Hello all, I have read various posts about trigger adjustment on the Tikka T3. I invested in a Lyman trigger pull gauge (~40 off Ebay) and set about the adjustment. The manual clearly states not to adjust below 2lb. My T3 was breaking at just over 3.5 lbs, as originally bought new. I removed the action, put the rifle on the gun maintenance stand and carefully adjusted the self locking cap head to give an average consistent break of just over 2lb. A simple and easy task for anyone to do.

    After re-assembly with the rifle empty I did the recommended 'bump' tests on the stock and then with a rubber pad under the barrel. I also cycled the bolt 'excessively'. All was fine.

    I went off to check zero and get a feel for the new trigger pull. In summary I am delighted, a nice cleaner pull and tighter groups. Since then I have taken the rifle out on the bucks with good success. I would recommend to any T3 owner to adjust if unhappy. The trigger pull gauge has already seen other use and is useful to have.

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    Thanks fore the useful post Paul. Was considering this for my Tikka and Sako. I see a few other related posts so will have a quick look. Cheers. Iain

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    It's a bit fiddley but on the Hunter (not sure about the others) it can be done without removing the action.

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    you can purchase a lighter spring from fllee bay that improves it even more just put in tikka in the serch box there is onley one seller that sells the springs hope it helps wraith

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