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Thread: Harkila Prohunter Jacket 50

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    Harkila Prohunter Jacket 50

    Unfortunately my wife's excellent cooking is showing on my midriff, and this jacket no longer fits.....

    Harkila Prohunter jacket in size 50.

    I am 6' tall, and with a 42" chest and 34" waist it fitted me perfectly with underlayers when I was that size.

    The jacket is three years old, is in excellent condition, has never been worn in anger (no crawling around in bushes, no blood and snot etc.)

    I am asking 180 inc postage.

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    I can't believe someone hasn't snapped this up, I wish it had been advertised a few weeks ago when I purchased mine new . Hate to say it but you may be better off on evil-bay. I'd consider the tweeds but I don't think I'd ever wear breeks.

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    Is this still for sale?

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    Still for sale at the moment.

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    the wife reckons i have enough coats to sink a battle ship ,i need shooting season to come along for the tips before i can afford it, if its still kicking about then bare me in mind tikka
    you wouldnt need to post it either !

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