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    Saps 520

    If you are just transiting Jo'burg Airport and your final destination is another African Country are you required to complete a SAPS 520?

    Thanks in advance.


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    I flew onto Port Elizabeth and had to pick up my rifle at the SAPS office in Joberg, get my temp license etc there, then had to go thro security to board to board the connecting flight, at Pt Elizabeth picked up my rifle from security there. You need a hour at J,Berg, I was the only one there and nearly missed the connecting flight as it closes its cargo doors 30 minutes B4 take off, I had a 90 minute window and only just made it as I did go with Air 2000 who predid all my required visa/licences. They need to wake up in the SAPS office and realise how much money the visiting hunters bring in, but they probably know that and are waiting for thier share!! deerwarden.

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    Speak to your airline. It all depends on how they handle luggage for transit. A lot insist on you clearing through Customs, so will your firearm.

    As far as the SAP office is concerned I've always had my permit done long before the airline delivered to the office. Not the police fault. Out of my last 11 trips I've managed 1 hour from touch down to getting into the car in all but one. Every time it's the wait for the airline to deliver to the police.


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