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Thread: Why is a lot of modern made stuff so poorly made ........ regardless of price?

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    Why is a lot of modern made stuff so poorly made ........ regardless of price?

    Got a small package in the post this morning and the contents put a smile on the old dragons face. Just a simple thing it was too. Whilst browsing a certain auction site I spotted a vintage/old garden hand weeding fork made as they should be.

    Over the years after the very old we we had went missing, I think she binned it with a load of weeds one day , we have brought several hand weeding forks and to a fault they have all be rubbish. Most modern hand weeding forks are just stamped flat sheet with a tang welded on. First time one puts a bit of pressure on to get that dratted weed out and the tines bend. We have had to take at least two back as the welds broke. Have tried Stainless, absolutely bloody useless, in fact we have one that needs to go back but cannot recall which garden centre it came from that's a Joseph Bentley one and the company was not much help when we contacted them. Also have a Spear & Jackson Stainless Digging spade that is next to useless. If the ground is in anyway firm the blade flexes instead of digging in Yet dad's old worn spade cuts into the earth as it should. We brought the stainless ones as someone suggested the mud would stick to them less and so be easier for him Well that was a lie. We brought the boarder spade as it's sightly smaller so we thought it would be easier........................ nope.

    I really wonder if the people who design these thing ever try them in roper use and not just a box with some potting compost tipped into it in a shed.

    To my mind the same cheapness and poor selection of materials has spilt over to firearms. Just read these nd other forums and see just how my are having issues with new modern made and design guns. Perhaps it's time to stop and take stock and perhaps a step back.

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    I get all my gardening tools from boot fairs (flea markets) for those same reasons, but I have not found an old gun there yet (except in the USA).

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    Good point.I have a selection of old Elwell impliments, wonderfully made and proper tools.By all accounts now very collectable. The brushing hook is so well balanced and a delight to use and takes a and holds a wicked edge. Must say on more modern stuff I have Spear and Jackson tools which appear good as are Sandvik cutting/pruning tools.However all my best stuff is ancient and was made in the times when people had to cultivate their own food.

    I think most either aquired at house clearance autions or at markets years ago.


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    It may be worth looking into how much these items cost when they were new in relation to purchasing power at the time. I suspect you'd find that most high quality stuff (and the poor quality items will have vanished in the interim) was expensive when it was made, as is the case now. You generally tend to pay for quality.

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    PM are you saying the Joseph Bentley and Spear & Jackson are cheap tools?

    We brought those known makes expecting the quality to be there but sadly it's not. I needed a digging fork looked at new ones and the design is total crap. They don't even taper the tines except the last 1/2" maybe. Luckily I picked up an ex MOD one made in 1964 from Repco. Proper fork that will likely see me out. Better do a few booties and see if I can find a decent spade to go with it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Brithunter View Post
    PM are you saying the Joseph Bentley and Spear & Jackson are cheap tools?
    Not at all, partly because I know nothing about them. I'm just offering a possible explanation for why it might appear that manufacturing and material standards have declined over time. I suspect that if you look at prices in their historical context, quality has always come at a certain cost and that cheap stuff was never that good.

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    A while back I developed high pressure nozzles for power washers. The company we supplied them to had two ranges, "hobby" and "professional".
    Life expectancy for the hobby version was max 30 working hours vs the professional had to be able to function over 700 working hours before any wear would decrease performance.
    The Nozzles we developed would last 1200hrs vs hardened stainless steel being way under 100hrs.
    The funny thing was that the bling hobby set was not much cheaper than a simple professional set.
    Bit like Bosch blue and Bosch green.


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    I know nothing about the Bosche ranges but with tools I try to get the best I can afford even if it means buying used.

    Interesting about he nozzles we have a I suppose hobby class pressure washer and I never gave the nozzle a thought mind you it's not been used that much we are not ones for hosing/scrubbing everything down. It last got used to other year fro cleaning algy from the patio and some terracota pots.

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    ts all made in china to last 2minutes everything is made in china and crap
    atb tom

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    I dont think every thing modern is poorly made there are exceptions.

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