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Thread: Base of neck shot

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    Base of neck shot

    Where exactly do you chaps interpret this to be?

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    just in front of the top of the sholders thick part of neck bigger vertibra hit hear will drop on the spot to meney shoot further up resulting in pass throe mised vertibra hole thro neck deer runing till it drops from blood loss

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    Yep same place top of sholder neck dont worry about meat at that bit.

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    someone post a picture with an x marks the spot please...just to avoid misinterpretation..

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    I would interpret "base of neck" as this.

    Wouldnt necessarily choose this spot myself. whilst the vertebra may be bigger so is the rest of the neck. miss here and the body of muscle that a big Red stag has to absorb the shock is much larger. A "through and through" higher up the neck is unlikely to produce the runner you describe with a decent bullet. I have first hand done this on 2 specific red stags and they neither stood up or ran. both were lying chewing cud, both dead, despite the bullet having not passed through the spine.
    In my case the reason for the neck shot was the animal's position.
    A "base of neck" shot would not have been clean or particularly easy

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    I would agree with bewsher500's picture.

    I was taught that if it was a red stag I was taking in the neck, the aim point was about a third of the distance from the back of the neck to the front as the necks are so much thicker.

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    Thanks for the replies gentlemen.

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    It's not a shot I would choose to take as I've had bad experience with it! On a larger animal there is far too much room for error either side of the vertebrae and it isn't central! Just an inch or two either side and you've either got a 'creased' neck if you've gone high with no blood trail and a VERY mobile animal which you will be unlikely to catch up with, or a sucking windpipe wound which will lead to a very slow and painful death! If I do neck shoot a large deer, i will always go for a high atlas joint shot. Low neck shots with soft point ammo are a bad idea IMHO! BT's are slightly more forgiving, but I'd still opt for a high neck shot even with BT's.

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    The only time I've taken this shot it worked very well, but I was being very precisely directed by the stalker.

    I have heared it described as trying to hit a thing the size of a hosepipe, inside a trouser-leg, wrapped in a hearth-rug.

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    I generally only feel comfortable taking neck shots when the animal is facing directly towards or away from me, and rarely sideways on. Just personal preference but it works for me.

    O wad some Power the giftie gie us to see oursels as ithers see us!

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