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    what feeders

    I need to start replacing a few pheasant feeders, the old ones are leaking too much and I also suspect 90% of the wheat is consumed by birds, badgers, deer, etc and not by the actual pheasants. This is too expensive, so I need to find a feeder or a dispenser mechanism that restricts the access for non-intended wildlife.

    any suggestions? ideally, something that can be bolted/screwed on to the good old blue barrels on 3 legs.

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    Only way to stop deer is put wire around the feeder, if you use spring type on the bottom, badgers will tap away and feed, I would go for a slot feeder were the birds have to peck out the wheat and badger snout can't get access, we even tried star spikes on the bottom of the spring to discourage badgers tapping that did not work either.


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    Don't mess about with wire. You need to get yourself some T-bars,

    Stops Deer/Badgers pulling on the springs and emptying the feeder.

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    Swapped over to the "v" troughs on the feeders i use gradually doing away with springs ,I feed with the bike and spinner but use feeders where I can't get with the bike .

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    Seems like pan feeders are getting used more and more,Springs clog up and deer and badgers know how to empty them easily.Pans do stick a little but ram a stick down the middle of the barrel and work them free also use a larger over hanging top to keep the water off.
    Atb John

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    Pan feeders never gave me any problems.

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    Pan feeders are very good, use large on 50 gall drums for Ducks and small on Plastic containers for Pheasants, no probs with clogging either with Pellet or Wheat.

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    Quote Originally Posted by old keeper View Post
    Pan feeders never gave me any problems.
    + 1

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