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Thread: Cobination weapons

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    Cobination weapons

    I was out playing with the Merkel combi the other evening and shot bullets, slug and shot.

    The bullets are 158gr Norma Oryx 7x57 shot at 100 mtrs. The first shot was from a clean oiled barrel and is low and well to the right.

    The slug I shot at 50 mtrs . These were not my usual Sellier & Bellot but Rottweil and shoot a little lower than the S&B .

    The shot was at 25 mtrs and 36grm #1s.

    The combination Weapon or a drilling is a good weapon for the type of hunting I do. As its either driven or hunted with dogs and a couple of places i hunt your just as likely get a boar appear as a roe.

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    I must say I do like the idea of combo rifles, in your area they seem like a good option - not sure what advantages they'd have in the UK (not that it stops me wanting one!). I read an article in shooting times once where everyone was using them for driven deer and boar in France and that whet my appetite.

    Is the shotgun barrel rifled?


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    Bloody hell Jagare you are like a dangerous boy scout, prepared for anything you might meet in the woods.

    It certainly demonstrates the versatility of a drilling, and shows that it has a place in modern hunting. Nice shooting


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    Hi Jagare,
    I would like to know where you get your targets from, I have been looking for some like that for my son to practice on. If you could help we would be very greatful.


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    i'll second that - excellent targets. Where'd you get them?

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    I was looking for them the other day, I found them at The Sportsman in Exeter on offer at 3.99

    I want a combination gun, in 22lr/20 bore, one on Guntrader by Baikal


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    Slightly OT gents, but similar faces are used for field archery, have a peep here:

    I applied for a .22/.410 combi on my last variation, they wouldn't let me have it as I already have a .22lr and a .22 hornet, so another would be "too many .22s"

    I will get round to contesting it one day!


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    The combi has a plain shotgun barrel but is quite open choke

    The targets are from look on the page in Swedish click on Djurfigurer and then on the Jägareförbundets figurer. About 17 quid for 5 + postage. They have fallow, fox, bear and boar targets as well.

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    Hi all

    BDS do very similar roe targets


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    You need to have a combination rifle/shotgun due to your gamekeeping duties. While working around the pheasant pens you often require to control pests, and carrying both rifle & shotgun has proved both impractical - and a security issue.


    Just did much the same with my Sauer Drilling - the results are fantastic and certainly vindicate my decision to start using the combi. Did I mention the .22 lr insert barrel? One inch groups at 50m! Zeroed to the scope! Yehaaaa!

    Rgds Ian

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