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Thread: sling producers

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    sling producers

    anyone on here producing good leather rifle slings, or know of something non-highly-commercial?

    I'm looking for a nice leather sling for my hill rifle restoration project, standard length and adjustment slots. I'm looking for brown leather (not too dark), sort of medium brown. I have a nice sling on my .243 but it's too thick in the material for the hill, after a couple of hours the stiffness starts giving a sore shoulder and diggin in. I'm thinking a thinner more flexible/supple leather sling that's quite wide at the top to help spread the weight and also so it doesn't slide off the rucksack/roesack strap that will be sitting under it on the shoulder (2-3") and then tapers down gradually to the bottom.

    any thoughts/leads?

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    Hi PKL,
    I have carried a big game rifle weighing just under 12lbs for many a mile with a 2" wide canvas sling just like the "old timers". The advantage of canvas is that it isn't very stiff across the width, so to speak, therefore "bends" slightly and doesn't dig into your shoulder. I know that Westley Richards sells, or used to sell, such slings but, I expect them to be rather expensive.
    Maybe someone could make you one?.

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    you mean this here

    I really like WR products, this sling could be just the ticket actually!

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    Get in touch with Dougster from here.

    He has a nice sling worked up - and can tailor leatherwork to your needs/ wants.

    Usual caveat - friend and we deal with him on business basis.
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    When I was looking for a 'traditional' continental style leather sling for my Kipplauf, (leather covered buckles etc.) I ended up buying direct from AKAH.

    A really good selection of slings on there plus loads of other hunting gear that's hard to find in the UK.

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    I have the Westley Richards canvas sling and it works well for me. It must be said that it is a little out of place on my plastic Blaser but I just really fancied the WR sling and am glad I bought it with no plans for a replacement. After a few years crawling about in woodlands and on the hill it has aged nicely and although the canvas gets a little dirty this just seems to add character in my view.
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