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Thread: Traveling to the US

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    Traveling to the US

    Hi I'm going to the US soon I've heard that they won't export tactical scopes. Is it ok to bring one or two back with me in my luggage looking at a niteforce or top end leopold.



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    I travel to the States every year, up to 4 times sometimes. I have brought back air weapon's, scopes, knives, reloading gear and lots other gear. I have never been stopped/quizzed or anything. I believe they search all bags leaving the U.S. as everytime i open my bag when back home there is a leaflet saying they have searched my bag but everything is still there unmolested.


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    Bring me sumert bk like a sightron or leupold ir nightforce andy.

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    I'll have some cheese doodles please, cheeto's would do too

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    Thanks Ian do you go to Orlando if so any good shops apart for outdoor world. If I see a big item could I post it back to my self.
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    James I'll get you some prices and message you on here then you can decide what you want.

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    Bass Pro Shop is the place to go their all over the states

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    I was there 2 weeks ago and filled a suitcase you can't beat bass pro for prices I also visited oakridge and orange gun ranges

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    Ok andy let me know. and have a good trip

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