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    Other Moderator Options

    me and my mate are both looking for 222 moderators. I have a Tikka 595 sporter barrel and he has a Sako 85 Heavyweight barrel. I have been on the waiting list of a certain well known mod manufacturer for 2 months now and as the only communication allowed with him is via email and he i not replying I am getting a little tired and impatient.

    Are there any other suggestions for good mods in this calbre at a sensible price.


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    Hiya, I had a T8 on my .222....did the job really well, plenty going about in the secondhand market.,...on or off ticket.

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    I could put my A-Tec on that is on my 270 but wanted something less bulky. T8 is the same size


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    I have a couple of Wildcats and very happy with them.

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    I have used a T4 on my .243 for two or three years. It is smaller and lighter than the T8 and adds only 2 inches onto the length of the barrel.
    There is very little noticeable difference between the report of the T4 when compared with the T8. The T4 would make a good job of moderating the .222.

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    I had one made by jim baker, jim has started making moderators range of calibres and fittings,
    I went to see him to test fired one and i must say the Sound reduction on my rifle(22-250) was ace , i had a T8 on my rifle but this new one offers a lot better sound reduction.
    It is made of stainless steel and is a sealed unit consisting of a series of welded baffles forward of the muzzle, with a large rear expansion chamber that sits over the barrel its powder coating on the out side , the powder coating can be done in any colours, jim said i could have a pink one but the best part it will not rust out , will not need cleaning and jim said the more i use it the quieter it will get.
    Length x Diameter (mm): 280 x 40
    Weight (grams): 600gr
    Length in front of muzzle: 140mm
    Length back over the barrel 140mm
    give him a ring
    Jim Baker Tel: (Mobile) 07733 043823

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    I have a Lawrence AURORA on my Tikka T3 .223,very happy with it..........

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    A second vote for the Jim Baker Marauder mods - I've got one on my .222, and its a big improvement on the wildcat mod that was on he rifle before hand.

    The things are totally bomb proof too, I've had a crack with an identical one on a .300WSM (it just had a bigger hole!) and its impressive to say the least.

    The best thing for me was the reduction in size - they look more like rimfire mods to be honest, so there's much less visible in the scope. You won't be disappointed!

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