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Thread: Lithium batteries

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    Lithium batteries

    Warning on these....

    Mate left one on charge overnight..heard a bang about 3...found it had blown up and set fire to his utility room...2 fire engines etc etc...fair bit of damage. Currently being investigated by Hertfordshire Fire Brigade.

    So best not charge overnight and charge somewhere it cant do too much damage.

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    If everything else fails read the instructions.
    It may well be that this was not a fault of the battery but operator error for leaving on for too long.
    Most batteries I charge are on a stone sink in my basement workshop, this provides a site which will not burn even if an incident occurred.


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    A workmate of mine flies model aircraft and he's set fire to his house twice!!. Once when he was in the room with the charger, the heat was so severe he could not extinguish it and had to spend the night in hospital. He now charges them in a thick fireproof sack in his greenhouse. Take heed of this information, Lithium ion batteries are a serious fire hazard.

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    I've got to be honest I have left mine on overnight regularly,but,I don't think I will from now on.


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    I have to admit I have been concerned about this for quite some time though I must have charged many thousands of "AA" size batteries plus several other sizes over the years. I now use mainly NiMH and they do get a little warm during charging this has prompted me to try and limit recharging to daytime hours however I am sometimes forced to leave the charger on overnight - not good. I hope the issue is more common with Lithium batteries at least some folks may then have an alternative.

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    Thanks for posting, I also leave my lithium batteries charging over night in the garage. Something else to keep in mind is leaving laptops continually charging as they are lithium ion batteries too

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