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Thread: How much do they really know?

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    How much do they really know?

    Well I have been reliably informed by those that know better, (Nature program types), that there has been a fall in numbers of Starlings, (Along with all the other falls in populations, Et Al), just right now, I cannot hear the telly, for the swarms of Starlings round our house!........... & Our telly has surround sound along with all the other gubbins of a modern sound system, & the bl**dy windows are shut too!
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    No shortage of starlings up here either .

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    Dearth of sheppies here. Last 5 years has seen the numbers dwindle.
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    Just about every year they come out with some doom and gloom story about how this, or that, common bird is going to become extinct and if "the current rate of decline continues there will be no XXXXX left in the UK within 5 years."

    The truth of the matter is that most common birds would appear to have a boom and bust population dynamic so "the current rate of decline" never continues and it is a normal part of the pattern of how nature works. Skylarks and sparrows are some recent doom stories that I can recall. Since the skylark story the population has been up and I suspect may be on the decline again, so stand by for a skylark doom story real soon now.
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    I must say I have noticed a difference in numbers lately.
    We have had clouds of them circling around doing their usual airial display of diving and swooping but the other evening I noticed two missing I gave them a few minutes to see if they did catch up but they didn't, when I asked a few of them if they knew what had happened to them, I was told they had stopped off at the chippie on the way.
    I checked with the chippie and it was a lie, nobody had seen them.
    Then rumours started about a great big arm that swoops out of nowhere and chops them to bits before they know it.
    After making further enquiries I found that lots of feathers, wings and legs of our feathered friends are found on the ground near these 'wind farms' that are appearing all over the place.
    Strange things these wind farms, we seem to have a few but don't get any more wind so I don't think they can be very productive.
    We have quite a few Dairy farms near us and we seem to get plenty of Dairy products so they seem to do their job and I'm happy with that, but wind farms, I'm not so sure.
    I reckon the wind farms could be responsible for the demise of a lot of our feathered friends but the Government is covering up for them

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    Cats. And they s*** in the garden and p*** on my bumper.
    Are they AOLQ?

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    There's a bloody anoying flock out the back of mine... they f***ed off when I shot the fox.... apparently they are back, but I can't see them because I'm in the garage.

    TV presenters only say what they have been scripted. They can only work on the nationwide data.

    Numbers are apparently declining massively; as to it all being boom and bust population - could be, depends on growth rate. Chaotic (non-linear dynamics) patterns in population are more commonly seen in species wholly resident within an ecosystem where interdependence and hihg growth rates drive large population fluctuations (e.g. lemmings), geographically diverse species such as Starlings usually have enough diversity across ecosystems to follow more conventional less dramatic population patterns.

    I think saying all doom and gloom predictions is nonsense is perhaps a little naive and a little rash.

    DDT and the bird population; grey and red squirrels? Some people may consider it doom and gloom to always work up from the starting load when putting rounds through a new barrel. Trying to prevent species loss, habitat loss, climate change etc. is just this on a bigger scale. Understanding impacts and trying to spread knowledge can’t be a bad thing. However; each to thier own.

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    Not so many round here, or at least a lot fewer than years past.
    If the last 5 trips out are anything to go by there are no foxes either


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    There's been a murmuration (woo big word ) by our office for the last 7 years at least... big industrial estate and no particular reason they'd be there... Not noticed any less but as Eddy said, what's plus or minus a few in a thousand!

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    Everything works in cycles, look at all the studies on barn owls a boom for a few years then a sudden drop that they think is due to the same pattern that mice and voles take. Rabbits do the same around here every three or four years we get an explosion in population its happening this year. Nature seems to work in cycles.

    TV has a lot to answer for, wait for the save the starlings group asking for money, if they haven't already.

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