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Thread: Mystery Head

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    Mystery Head

    A friend sent me this via a mobile phone so unfortunately I can't increase the size. Would anyone like to identify it. I do know what it is but please uncle malc give others a go first . It is a bit tatty but so would you be after 80 years in a dairy. Found it very interesting myself. Sorry about the background.


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    Hi looks like a blackbuck to me i may well be wrong but i did see some trophy ones in africa advertised for 17000 each yes thats right 17k
    as i said i may be wrong


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    I agree, it looks like a blackbuck but I thought they were Indian not African. There are also some that have been introduced on an island off Bahrain

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    Hi Norman

    Definatly a Blackbuck antelope. Although if I may add without being rude its not the best example of a mounted head I have seen.

    If anyone can get 17000K for a mounted Blackbuck head, please send me their details not saying its untrue, but SH/T thats a lot of money.

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    No thats not 17k for the mounted head its 17k to hunt and shoot the thing i was hoping to get one in south africa for less than a grand untill i looked in to it but its still on my wish list

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    Ahh thats different. They are an Indian animal and therefore you cannot legally hunt them in the native country. However in Texas you can take one without any problem. I was not aware that they had introduced them to South Africa.

    Mind you, you can take Fallow in South Africa, not that it appeals to me, hope you manage to fill your wish list sometime in the future.

    All the best


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    Thanks for the info,I think the outfitter i found was outside south africa but i will have a look again

    ps my wish list has elk on as well

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    Hi all,
    Amberdog was the first to get it. Blackbuck native to India and Nepal but now I believe protected. Doesn't he look magnificent.

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