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    North Yorkshire FEO

    As my house move coincided with my coterminous renewal I ended up submitting all my paperwork fairly late in the day. It runs out the 8th of August and I submitted the paperwork just under 2 weeks ago.

    I got a call from a very cheery FEO in Sunday evening who arranged to come out last Wednesday.

    He was thorough, polite, knowledgable, sorted the whole issue of moderators being shown as calibre specific on my ticket, approved my future acquisitions and contrary to what I had been imagining was an absolute pleasure to deal with.


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    Can't fault NYP firearms dept they are a pleasure to deal with.


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    Quote Originally Posted by cockerdog View Post
    Can't fault NYP firearms dept they are a pleasure to deal with.

    Section 161 of the Highways Act 1980 (England & Wales) makes it an offence to discharge a firearm within 50 ft of the centre of a highway with vehicular rights without lawful authority or excuse, if as a result a user of the highway is injured, interrupted or endangered.

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    Was it the big guy?

    he is very helpful.
    having said thet I have never had a bad one.

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    Yes it was. Having said that the one I had 5 years ago was also very good at his job.


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    Have had no problems +1 - Bill

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    Same, just had mine for a variation and to change some of the conditions. Very accommodating and not bad turn around times. 9 working days.

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    + 1; excellent - at least the people on the phone/email are and the ex RAF FEO was too. When you hear the stories from other areas it makes me glad to be where I am.

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    North Yorks have an enviable reputation as being one of the more sensible licensing Regimes. A few years ago it was suggested that North and West Yorks Police Forces were going to merge and i was praying we would get the North Yorks F.L. Alas this was not to be.

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