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Thread: bringing shotgun from the USA

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    bringing shotgun from the USA

    Hi folks,

    I'd appreciate advice on the following:

    I inherited a shotgun from a deceased American relative. It is currently in my mother's house in Arizona. I have a SGC here. How would I go about getting it to the UK?

    More generally, I go across to the States fairly often. Is it possible (and if so, how easily) to buy a firearm there, have it put on your UK FAC or SGC and bring it back here?


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    Go in and talk to Licencng at Fettes about what you want to do well before you do it. They were very helpful when I bought 2 rifles in the USA and brought them back here. Regards JCS

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    Thanks for that - I'll certainly give them a call.

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    I was looking at mossberg shotguns in the states,

    decided not to buy one, on my return I asked customs what if?
    "as long as you have a licence here, no problem, we will charge you the vat and import duty,"

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    You need a export license to take it out of the states.

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    I wanted to bring a shotgun from Canada a few years ago and didn't because I was worried about regulations. Upon return to the UK I questioned the Customs and was also told you will have to pay duty but no problem as long as you have SGC.
    However since 9/11 they have certainly made changes to the Laws in America so I would check their regs for exporting the shotgun first then confirm the UK regs. Better to be safe than sorry!

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    I have a semi-auto (fixed three shot before anyone points out the Section 1 FAC requirement) in the USA that I plan to bring back in December when I am over white-tail deer hunting. I legally bought this in the USA last year with the name and address of a USA citizen for the background check.

    This is my understanding from the research and advice I have sought. Provided it is a UK legal firearm and it complies with any conditions on an FAC, you can import to the UK. Hopefully the airline where you board in the USA do their job properly and you notify them, they will complete the appropriate paperwork for travelling with a firearm which will give advance notification to the UK border agency and they will be prepared for you on your arrival. If the UK border has not had advance notification go through the red channel and declare it. They will not always flag it - I returned from one hunting trip in the USA with both firearm and luggage checked in all the way to my destination. I flew from Houston via Heathrow to Aberdeen, and on my arrival in Aberdeen I found my gun case going round the carousel with all the other luggage!

    The border control will enter the firearm onto your SGC as would an RFD or private seller, it is then your responsibility to notify your local firearms department within 7 days, as for any purchase. I will be checking with the Bureau for Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms for any US export requirements, but as the firearm is over 12 months old I beleive it is treated as a personal sale.

    If the firearm is less than 12 months old you will likely have to pay duty and VAT. You will need to get the firearm proofed in the UK if you intend to sell it on as the proofing requirements are different.

    It would also be worth getting advice from any shooting organisation you are a member of.
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