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Thread: recoil pads

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    recoil pads

    I can't seem to find decent recoil pads in the UK without paying silly silly silly money. let's be honest, a pachmayer at $9 should not be 51 here!!!

    anyone either have spare pads for rifles in black kicking around, or know a good source for a traditional grind to fit pad in black that's a somewhat acceptable price (sub 25)

    I'm specifically looking for an approx. 1" (deep) pad that's no less than 5" (long) by 1.5" (top) by 1" (heel)



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    Have a look on amazon, quiet a few come up. recoil pads

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    I have plenty new grind to fit in either hard heavy duty or light soft 1".
    Should also have one or two new ones that are ground to our shape but have a tiny little fault
    and could therefore not be fitted. You could have one of those, no charge.
    I'll check the size. 1" wide at the heel? is that for a tactical stock?

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    I got a deluxe model brown vented pachmayer from [horror of horrors] Midway...
    was only about 20 posted I think

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