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Thread: BSA CF 2 in .270 with S&B 30mm 8x56

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    BSA CF 2 in .270 with S&B 30mm 8x56

    I'm selling this as I've just bought a new bike and the wife says somethings got to go (too many hobbies)it's a BSA CF2 in .270,beautiful rifle in lovely condition,comes the original open sights , Millett one piece base rail and 30mm windage adjustable rings,Schmidt & Bender (H) 8x56 scope with the A7 ret ,this rifle will shoot under an inch with cheap Privi 150g ammo price is 600 for the package,may split Scope 400,rifle ,bases an rings 250 will RFD at buyers cost,will put some pictures up later.
    Cheers Jase.
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    Scope now sold, rifle still for sale at 250 ,bargain for a classic rifle that's done very little.

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    Bump with a price drop to 200 giveaway price,this rifle will shoot under an inch with PPU 150g and is in the perfect cal for all uk deer,if face to face I will give the buyer a box of ammo .

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    Jase, is this the rifle you bought new a while ago?

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    No mate ,I sold that one for a lot more and then regretted it ,so bought another one just as nice ,but without the set trigger,but after just buying a new bike the missus say's somethings got to go as I've too many fingers in too many pies so I'm selling this as it's the least used,and practically giving it away at this price,this one is in just the same condition but with a bit better grain to the wood.
    ATB Jase.

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    Provisionally sold.

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