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    Sports Afield Tv

    Have a look at some of the adventures on Sports Afield | The Worlds Premier Hunting Adventure Magazine. The one that is most enjoyable is the hunt after mountain sheep in the Yukon and the bull elk in Wyoming. Strikes me that these videos could get costly as a) much more fun than doing my vat return or chasing clients and b) I need to go there, and given the cost of Scottish stags I can't help feeling much better value can be had elsewhere.

    What really strikes me is the work that goes into getting just one animal. Flying in, then hicking into a camp and then several days in the mountains to shoot one animal - that's proper hunting!

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    +1 Bloody excellent magazine I'm a subscriber just fasinatating to see some of the adventures people get up to. I keep day dreaming and hope it will be me one day. + its written by people who can write a good story unlike the no1 Stalking magazine in the UK.

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