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Thread: the love of a father!!

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    the love of a father!!

    evening all,
    it seems there are a good few fans of muntjac in here so i would like to share with you one of my fondness memories in the years i have been stalking!
    it was a cold, but bright morning and my father and i were taking one last walk around our shooting ground after coming down from the highseats. we entered into a small cops area where we had seen muntjac a few times before.
    we were stopped in our tracks by a 'peeep' noise, it sounded just like the squeek from a rubber dogs toy.....and again 'peeep'.
    as we stood and watched a tiny muntjac fawn walked out, obviously lost and very unsteady on its feet, it stopped within about 5 yards of us, we were in good camo at the time and blended well.
    to our surprise, a few seconds later a very large muntjac buck, almost certain of medal standard and one of the best we had seen came trotting in from cover and he also stood no more than 5 yards from us, he stood looking in our direction and whether he could fully make us out or not because of our blending in the background we do not know!!
    anyway after about a minute or so of checking us out, he gave out a little grunt and then lowering his head, started gently nudging the little fawn away from our direction, every now and then just taking a glimpse back at us, or in our direction anyway just to make sure all was safe before they both dissappeared into the brambles!
    we did at the time have our rifles over our shoulders but on this occassion we would have done anything to have had a camera in there place.
    it certainly was a great sight and although a non productive outing, definately one to remember!!!

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    It was more productive than you thought ,A father looking after his sibbling wot more could you ask for

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    we as stalkers do get to see some great sights that even the commited wildlife watchers never see.
    i was sat up a high seat a week before the red hinds came into season and when i got up my seat, a kite lifted out of a tree about 50 yards away, there were rabbits, hares, pheasants, partridges wondering round at leisure below me.
    i had a squirrel giving me a hard time as i was sat in 'his tree' aswell as a group of around 10 long tailed tits flitting around me and as light began to fall...........
    a dozen hinds appeared from the woodland and began feeding, ranging in size and all of different colourations.
    amongst them were 2 young fawns, they were butting and rearing up at one another and generally enjoying the last of believe it or not a nice sunny day!!
    in the end they were all lined up like a shooting gallery, maybe at most 80 yards out but i knew this was there calm before the forthcoming hind season!
    as light dropped a little more a barn owl began to work the area, no stags that day but i was enjoying the peace and watching the world go by!!

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    sitting in the highseat awaiting wot may follow is a joy of its own but for you to hav the pleasure of a kite even better ,if it was a wild one it would be the tip of the iceberg

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    hi stone,
    im no bird expert, at first sighting it resembled a buzzard in size, but the colouration of its underbelly was too light......possibly a honey buzzard ???but it did have reddish brown tail feathers??
    after looking on the internet it sure looked like a kite, it does show itself quite regularly.......maybe im wrong, whatever it is is a fantastic, graceful bird of prey and a pleasure to watch!!

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    the most distinguishing(big word after a few glasses of red) is the forked tail but never the less it is the memories that count god bless us all

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    i will keep a look out next time for the 'forked tail' and report back!!
    thanks for the tip stone!

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