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Thread: Accuracy international bipod

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    Accuracy international bipod

    Hi all,I am wanting the above item,I did have a user contact me with one for sell.i deleted my messages last week and can't remember users name,if this person reads this could you pm me please,atb swarovski

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    I have a versapod complete that I will sell if you are interested, it has the anchutz rail fitment, although fits directly to AI spigot and is the up market version with friction lock and claw feet.

    200 delivered.

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    Thanks red mist but too much money,I agreed a price with other user which was 80 cheaper,atb swarovski

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    Barbican armoury in Durham has one if either of these fall through; I don't think he wants silly money for it.

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    Ok thanks,will bear in mind.

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    I thought I found away of tracking down who I agreed a price with on the ai pod,via email address,the wife has deleted all mail a few days ago

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    no problem, it wasn't an attempt to make a fast buck by the way (and I know you didnt take it that way), the bipod is the top end model and was close to 300 new with the options it has.

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    They are a lot of money new with that friction knob on the end which is an extra,never thought for a second you were out for a fast buck red mist,in my opinion they are way over priced and I wouldn't buy a new one if I was a millionaire,my new rifle has a aics stock on it and I thought it would look sexier with ai pod on it,I use a br pod,when I get an ai pod I am going to modify and shorten the legs so my fingers fit tight under the butt so it's a steadier prone position for 1000yd shooting

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    I keep looking through who is on and still no name jump out at me

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    Come out where ever you are,trying to keep the wanted advert on the first page

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