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Thread: licence to cull seals

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    licence to cull seals

    any one have knowledge on how to go about geting a licence in scotland

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    Not sure on details but it will be throu SNH so i'm sure will be something on there website unless u've already tried that.

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    Try looking at Marine Scotland Act 2010,mentioned on my fac, you also have to get a condition on your ticket, used to be rifle specific but last renewal said
    approriate cal of rile and ammo
    hope some of this helps

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    Contact SNH, and ask to speak to the licencing department, they will advise from there.

    Great Glen House
    Leachkin Road,
    IV3 8NW

    01463 725000

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    ... someone shot 'Sammie the seal' on the banks or the river Annan which was properly done apparently and in the news (it was scoffing salmon), I only mention this because my son made a girl cry at his primary school when the teacher mentioned the seal had 'died' because he said someone shot it and it was ok because seal probably taste like deer, dad shoots deer, he probably shot it (which I didn't).

    I nearly pissed myself when we got the phone call home to 'let us know'. Sorry I just had to mention it because I had a chuckle when I read the post title

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    Quote Originally Posted by stoker150 View Post
    any one have knowledge on how to go about geting a licence in scotland
    It's probably about time they started handing them out readily, fingers crossed!

  7. #7 try this ,i seal culled during the 70s and sold the pelts ,trade in seal skins is now finnished ,it is a emotave subject ,and if you gain a licence you will be easily traced ,if it bothers you

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    I think if my memmory serves me correctly there is a paragraph in Gun Law that covers the use of firearms on seals. Currently my copy is burried in a box in a steel storage containeer so no easy access.


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    I wouldn't get involved.... for a few reasons

    1. it's hardly sport is it?
    2. too many seal spotters about
    3. they look at you with sad puppy dog eyes
    "It's halfway down the hill, directly below that tree next to a rock that looks like a bell-end"

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    Quote Originally Posted by Si View Post
    3. they look at you with sad puppy dog eyes
    That's only when you go out clubbing at the weekend.

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