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Thread: Hornady superperformance

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    Hornady superperformance

    Has anyone used the hornady superperformance in either 308 or 2506? They seem fairly good value in 25-06 at £27 a box when most other factory ammo seems fairly expensive.

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    Not used Superperformance but I have used Hornady loaded ammo before and found it some of the best though my rifles. I used their “Light Magnum” range, which is I think what the Super Performance used to be called, it was excellent, grouped as good as home loads and was as fast as a good home load too.



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    Used it in .243 95gr. Its very accurate in my sako 75. Only problem I have found is that it's no stocked as widely as other cartridges.

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    I would like to hear some chrony figures for the 30 cal 175gr ones,ment to be still supersonic out past 1200yds,good 1000yd target ammo

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    Yes - was looking at the 150gr 308 ones which seem to be very flat shooting.

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    That's a good price for factory 25-06 - even normal Federal is £33 ish.

    Where was that and what bullet weight?

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    Dauntsey guns - 308 and 25-06 they seem to be very good value for hornady ammo

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    used the hornady 58gr vmax for ages, tried the 58gr superformance ones but wouldn't group at all so back to the originals and back to same hole accuracy.

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    I use the 90g GMX Superformance in .25-06 on Roe and fox and i think they are a good round and like you say at £26 a box you can't go wrong.

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