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Thread: Tree guards

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    Tree guards

    150-200 used tubex tree guards in good condition and stakes, collection asap from yorkshire.

    25 donation to scot stalkers daughters fund.DF
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    I could probably find a home for these Bob.. Cant get down to yours though ASAP due work

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    No problem Ben I will get snowy to pick them up with his trailer, no doubt he will be over at your shoot in the near future they yours then fella. DF

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    Would they guard an Astra van?

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    There for guarding trees matt , not guarding counsil lawnmowers against crap astra drivers from adwick

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    If your in kent or abouts il have em if its easier
    cheers Graham
    Save Water Drink Single Malt

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    South yorkshire Graham, but think its sorted now thanks , df

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