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Thread: CWD in North Wilts?

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    CWD in North Wilts?

    A friend of mine, who is an experienced stalker, swears blind that he saw a CWD near here last night. One was shot between Cricklade and Cirencester last year, and another is meant to have seen on some land near the M4 about 2 years ago. One theory is that they have been released from a local sanctuary, but I'd have thought an orphaned or injured CWD would be taken to a sanctuary closer to their home territory, or mabe they are making their way along motorway or railway embankments. Has anyone else seen them in this area?

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    been a bit hot lately mate I should stay off the pimms regards pete

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    I have been getting stuck into the Thatchers Vintage a bit recently, but that just makes me see double rather than hallucinate.....

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    Yes I can confirm one was shot approx 2 years ago just outside Cricklade (North Swindon).

    I know the chap who shot it very well he runs the gun shop in Cricklade.

    For any disbelievers take a trip to Country Pursuits in the shop you will find it shoulder mounted taking pride of place with a photo confirming date etc.

    I personally believe that it had not migrated here it was the result of someone trying to establish CWD's in the area perhaps not in line with her majestys laws.



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    Could make up for the utter lack of roe around here then.

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    if there is one around here it wont be long until someone shots it

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    Hi Dougster

    Yes I think the Roe population in north wiltshire has taken a hammering recently.

    I travel along the M4 from Swindon to Bristol every day for the last 6 years and the number I see has dramatically reduced.

    I understand there is a lot more commercial operations now but sadly this seems to be the way stalking is going another hobby for the privledged few.



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    Jason, that's my experience too. Used to see roe almost every day from the M4 between Chippenham and Swindon,but its a red letter day to see even one now. There are lots of rumours of deer being poached at night, but no one has been caught yet.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dougster View Post
    Could make up for the utter lack of roe around here then.
    Plenty of Roe in Chippenham Dougster.

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    Firstly you are correct about the CWD in Cricklade. Also concur about the disappearnce of roe in the M4 corridor and into South Glos. Concur with your comments about commercial activity and not so legal straying off their boundaries/vermin permissions.


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