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Thread: Red bull time of year again

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    Red bull time of year again

    Sue my wife has just bought in x2 crates of red bull (copy) soft drinks to keep me pepped up over the rut.
    This is my busiest time with a full diary for the rut(if it ever happens in this area!!), Then week after next onwards my poults will arrive and need tending after the morning outings, then trying to sleep a little between outings and running the foxing patrols in the late nights.
    What is there out there can give me a boost when I need it?
    What do you recomend bearing in mind I dont do drugs!

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    berocca tablets. they work a treat. very good on the hangovers aswel. jst dilute in some water and drink it up, not nicest tasting thing in world but they do give u a good boost.

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    Plenty of fruit and water, will stand you far better than caffeine

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    worked till 2:30 am last night , And started at 5:15 this morning . I find bananas and lots of water work for me when combining

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    I personally find redbull and similar products are fine for a very short spike but leave you with a crash and craving situation. I don't train as much these days but water always gave me better results.

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    Red bull at exam times. Final week of revision I was only getting 2hrs a night sleep and it got me through

    Caffeine tablets are meant to be good too?

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    +1 for berrocca
    i also prefer monster to red bull as it does not smell like puke

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    Bradley the biker won the tour de France on jam buttie:s and water suppose if its good for him got to be worth a try

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    Banana n peanut butter sarnies!
    Bar of Chocolate.
    Berrocca first thing in the morning.
    A good breakfast in the morning!

    Eat when your hungry, little and often.

    Redbull when the chocalate don't work!
    ​" How Much !"

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