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Thread: Productive day...

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    Productive day...

    I suppose I am not alone here in struggling to get reliable hanging and chilling facilities for deer. We have had access to a good chill, but it is over 100m round trip away. I have hung deer in an old stone barn here on the farm, which is perfect if it is very cold, but not so good if the temperature gets into the high single figures. We really struggle in August to October to be honest.

    Coke fridge etc are fine for Roe and Munties, not so good for Sika.

    Anyway after much searching, we came upon a chill at the right price, it was on a mushroom farm of all places, and the guy was getting out of that business. A deal was done, three of us bought it together.

    It took about three hours to dismantle it last Saturday and load it in a horse box for transport home. I thought there would be two days work to get it up and running, but it re-assembled very easily last Sunday in less than two hours.

    We left it for a week to settle and went back to it today. We sealed it up with expanding foam, and moved the thermostat, and wired it up. I switched it on with a little apprehension, but it runs perfectly.

    Looks good in an old barn...

    It was 16 degrees when I started it, it dropped to 3 deg within four minutes. Just need to build a rack and start hanging deer in it. Less than a day's work total for two of us and less than 500 between three.


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    No good for the claret mr dabbler,it's served at room temp or left to breath ,ideal chiller

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    Looks spot on Brian, now you just have to fill it!

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    Dropped 13 Degrees in 4 mins, that's some work for any refridgeration unit.

    Good effort though, hope you get it filled soon, what is the size of it out of curiosity?

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    TJ, I might have exaggerated a little, but it chilled very quickly, certainly did not take ten minutes, I watched the arm on the dial go down in no time.

    I expect it would be different with three or four warm carasses.

    Just because you are paranoid, doesn't mean they aren't out to get you......

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