Well tis like this.I had a call from a farmer100s of crow on my winter barley please help.So i rang a good friend can you come and shoot some crows.Well anyway got to the farm.Met the farmer had a chat ,we asked has anyone been shooting them Ho no nobodys been shooting here.He told us were the field was.Then my mate looks at the silage clamp and seen three dead crows hanging up. Looked at the farmer and said i thought that no one had been shooting here.The farmer said yes thats right.
He said well tis like this me ansom i ad em with the nett and shovel.well we looked at each other and said nothing. But we spent all afternoon laughing saying how we should change how we shoot crows to a nett and shovel .We still don't know how it works but he got three.We had a great day shot 158 crow's.Now when we go shooting my mate asks if i have the nett and shovel.If you know how it works put us out of our missery. regards woodfordfallow