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Thread: Quick release scope mounting system Help wanted

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    Quick release scope mounting system Help wanted

    Quick release scope mounting system Help wanted
    Hi all and thanks for reading.
    I have a S&B 6x42 and want to mount it on my brno mod2 but I want a quick release system, not rings with extended screws so the scope cam be removed before going into my crowded safe. I am unable to find anything that will go straight onto the dovetails to hold rings. I have a Leupold system on my Marlin 1894 and it works great but it is screwed to the receiver. Doues anyone know of a good system?

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    Not helpful but..... by a Blaser then its easy!!


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    I have some Warne QD mounts on one of my rifles, one that uses two different 'scopes and find they are reasonably priced and return to zero when moved on and off.
    I have a .308 that I use a 'normal' scope for Deer etc and a low power scope for driven game.

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    Since you're talking about a BRNO Model 2 22 bolt action rifle with the 13mm dovetails I can speak from some experience. I now have seven of them! I haven't found any rings that will dismount and then come back to dead-on zero. I have tried everything I could find in the US. I might suggest that you dismount the barreled action from the stock and stand this in the safe, leaving the scope in place.

    That all said, I used Burris, CZ 527 rings that have had the locking stud milled off and I can return this to set-up to a reallydamclose zero at 25M by paying careful attention to tension on the allen wrench. I also make sure that I mount the front ring so that it is absolutely flush with the front of the receiver. I've found that this does two things: it is a quick visual indicator that your scope is "walking" should you leave a screw loose, and , it provides at least one datum point in your effort to put the scope back to zero after removal.

    Good luck. If you find something that works, let me know.~Muir

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    how much do you want to spend?

    get some gunmaker bases and have a 13mm female dovetail machined into them and then use Leupold bases.
    the bases slide onto the factory dovetail and are held in place with vertical tension through a grubscrew.

    will give return to zero

    I did this for my Quad

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    If it's the older Brno mod 2 with the larger dovetails them CZ 527 rings fit.
    That being the case all you need is genuine CZ rings a big screw driver, they do return to zero.
    Just 2 screws and the scope if off, or back on.


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    This is the 16mm dovetail but most seem to be missing the point!
    I dont want qd scope rings and a hex key or big screwdriver or adapter rails
    its looking like the only way to do it is use Ziegler mounts but there very pricey.
    And hard to get only 1 supplier in the country

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    I use the Lupold mounts with great effect and the always go back to zero but I always check before using it for hunting but had I read you post correctly I would have seen that they are not what you after
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    Quote Originally Posted by Ferrit69 View Post
    This is the 16mm dovetail but most seem to be missing the point!
    I dont want qd scope rings and a hex key or big screwdriver or adapter rails
    So you want QD rings that go straight on to the dovetail with no adaptors and no tools needed, correct ?
    Warne Rings here will do the job.


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    Well I found that the old Parker-Hale rings worked very well on these.

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