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Thread: Red in Tooth & Antler

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    Red in Tooth & Antler

    Thought i'd better get out for a wander this evening after spending too long watching the Olympic road race (what happened there??)

    I was going to come back for the 22 and do some, but a pair off Hobbies drew me further in to my usual trek around. That led to 20 minutes badger watching

    and i was out for the duration. Left the wood and down into the meadow - a couple of deer out, which turned out to be a Sika hind, calf and a pricket

    I scattered them, they whistled me. I continued down to a gateway under a big oak. Now, the layout is this - in front is a newly mowed strip 10 y wide

    bordering a deer fenced hardwood plantation. It goes up to my right for 200y and up to my left for 150y. I'm in the base of a shallow V. There's 2 roe out on the right,

    which i'm pleased is a 6 pointer and a doe - she's giving him the run around, completely in charge , all he can do is sniff her every time she stops. Excellent!

    Rut's on - i'll get comfy and watch - might even put it on SD. After 5 minutes they start to get a bit more lively, a couple of chases and stand offs leads to a flat out

    300y sprint which blasts past me at about 8 yards. They crash into the wood at the top and the noise brings even bigger 6 pointer. This should be good.

    The fence takes a 90 right and they all disapear. I give it 30 seconds and follow on up. I get to the top and spot a buck across the corner - he see my movement and

    turns back. I make the turn to see him going over a crest followed at a pace by the big buck. They're crashing into the wire as they go out of sight - I can hear the

    smaller buck crying out but when i catch up it's a whole other scene! Desparate to get away, he's throwing himself into the fence head first and getting entangled -

    which brings an attack - a full on, head down tines straight into the neck, head, flank and haunch. Every panic-struck flail draws another full weight pummelling. I'm

    40 yards up the hill and the small buck is down, pinned to the wire not moving - but still crying out which provokes another goring. 1 2 3 4 5 6 in a row. What!! He's

    not gonna make it out of this! The big buck stands over him for a while then moves off. No movement - then a twitch, he struggles to his feet, splayed and shaking.

    Over the next 20 minutes he staggers up the hill towards me - i'm uncomfotably crouched at the wood edge peeking from under my cap. Every 10 steps he lays down,

    then up - i'm trying to get a good broadside look at his mauled right side. Finnaly he turns, 12 yards away breathing fast and hard, mouth open. Not a scratch!

    Not one sign or hair out of place - I could not believe it!. Internally i'm sure it might be fatally different - i'll have a scout round tomorow. Anyway - rut's on fellas.

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    Reminds me of this video I found on YouTube a while ago.

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