Took my 2yr old GWP Griff out on the pigeons for the first time today.
He has not done anything on birds since the end of the pheasant season, and he has had an excellent first 6 months on deer.
I set up a hide with my back to a tall narrow section of woodland with thick undergrowth, mainly brambles and stinging nettles.
All started well enough with a handful of crossers taken and falling onto the recently mowed stewardship strip, Although Griff remained stoodup as he could not see anything when laid down, he did not run in to any. (I did not send him for any of them as I wanted to use them as decoys).
Some pigeons came in straight over the hide high and fast, I shot 6 over aprox an hour that fell into the wood, sent griff out for them as they fell (through the rear of the hide) as he would not be exposed to the pigeons coming in from the barley fields.
He found and retrieved everyone of them, I am well pleased with his performance, and cant wait to get him out on the moors come the glorious 12th (another first).
He is not the finished article yet, but is shaping up to be an excellent all round dog.