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    Display boards

    How does one stand legally with a display board with several calibres of bullet on it, now the bullets are inert but bearing in mind a lot of them have expanding tips [oops almost said heads there] unlikely you have FAC to cover every calibre on the board.

    Also things like key rings made from inert bullets, saw some being sold various calibres that had ballistic tips red, green, purple

    I know its stupid and its only a harmless piece of metal, but does anyone know the legality of selling these items, or a member of the public owning
    them, or worse still a FAC holder having some in calibres not covered by his FAC.

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    I made a few keyrings and gave them to mates, but someone reminded me that ballistic tips are section 5 so I recalled them and stuck fmj's in instead.

    My 8 yr old son has a .38 special round on a keychain
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    BT - Bog Trotter, not Ballistic Tip.... I don't know though

    The wording of the legislation is such that any missile designed to expand in a predictable manner ( actually from deer side of equation, but good enough here ) along with a penetrator type rounds rounds containing noxious substances, incendary etc and the like are classed as Section 5 - forever. There isnt actually any provision for their de-activation - not even firing them at something. Applies to the missile itself as much as completed rounds.

    So there is no legal way around display boards, keyrings etc - unless possessor has appropriate authority.

    I've seen A max used - until such time as the endless debates elsewhere get them moved to S5 - and also FMJs with deft application of suitable nail varnish ( I know you've a good selection to hand ) and in one instance a round nose solid with grey paint to resemble a soft nose for appearance sake.

    Bit crazy, I know but thats the law as it stands.

    Besides those 30mm Arden key fobs never really caught on....
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    Thats pretty much as I understood it, thanks

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    Drill the base, with a hole in the jacket it will blow the core through the jacket. With a partition I would go deeper through to the front core, a monolithic into the cavity.

    As yet we haven't a specification for deactivating section ammo, so ultimately its between you and the judge, you have modified the ammo so I won’t function as intended.

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