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Thread: Horse flys

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    Horse flys

    Anyone rate a particular repellent? Getting hammered when out on roe bucks

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    I was going to ask the exact same question been clearing a pond on the land I stalk and got eaten alive.

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    Covering up seems to be the only solution I have found.

    That or giving up and going back the next my experience they seem to come in very intense narrow waves. I get a plague of them in the forge, which looks out on an arable field, maybe five to ten times in the year. The wave may last only part of the day. I am sure someone on here will knows their life cycle and can explain it.

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    cotton...and even then some of them can get through!!

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    not to sure about the life cycle of horse flies so can't comment but they are (or seem to be) temperature activated. i have to get any woodland work done by midday(ish) in the summer after that im in for a beating!!

    try a plant called "stinking bob"(found very commonly) crush it and rub it on exposed skin. doesnt stop them landing but makes them less inclined to biting.

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    I tried smidge last week for the first time and did not get bitten once, nor was I bothered by any other flying pain in the ass that normally likes to land on, eat and generally annoy me whilst I'm trying to stay quiet or still. I did not have any kind of face veil on just a baseball cap and was in the Scottish boarders.

    It costs about 6.99 a bottle, I bought 3 from amazon and got free postage.

    Hope this helps

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    Tom, my wife swears by Avon Skin So Soft (for horse flies as well as midges) and eating garlic...I haven't tried either yet, but will do as this seems a bad year for them.

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    I ordered the smidge after listening to someone who swore by Avon skin so soft and being eaten alive by Scottish midges, it seemed like it attracted not reppelled them.


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    I have got some of the repellent with Deet in, can't remember what %, I think it's the life venture stuff.
    That certainly stops the buggers.

    Saying that though they don't seem to like biting me as much as some of the lads that help me.

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    Avon skin so soft is very good.
    Atb John.

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