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    thinking of getting one of these rifles , im usually a tikka man but have the chance of getting the ruger at trade price , so can anyone shed any light on these rifles .
    ive gone for the hawkeye left handed all weather in 30-06 , thats the synthetic stainless job .
    looks very simlar to the tikka , can anyone help with any info

    cheers lee

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    I've got a .204cal Ruger M77 Varmint..........great little rifle..........'M'

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    Mate has one and regards it highly.

    I can't get on with the stock - it feels short.

    He's a short arse of 5'6" and seems to fit him.

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    The Ruger will have far less plastic on it than a Tikka, which to me is a big plus for it.

    The Hawkeyes have a new trigger on them which is supposedly an improvement on the old one, but will probably still need a visit to a good 'smith to get it in the Tikka/Sako catagory.

    I have an older M77 Mk2 and its been a very reliable honest working gun. I really like the mounts as they are bomb proof, and the stainless steel used is actually "stainless" unlike my stainless Howa which rusts fairly easily

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    cheers lads

    thats shed some light on the subject ...... going to be another couple of weeks before it gets here so will just have to wait and see !


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