I know it is a long shot offering this for sale here but on the other hand there might be some hi-fi buffs on SD and so thought to offer it here before putting it on ebay. I don't have good photos but if anyone is seriously interested then I can get some as I suspect that you will either know exactly what this is or you will just not be interested.

I have for sale an EMT 948 Broadcast Turntable. These are all the rage currently among hi-fi buffs and there is no question that they are a sold and excellent piece of engineering, way ahead of most of the commercial turntables normally associated with hi-fi in every way. EMT are just about the ultimate turntable makers, or were, and their turntables are now doing big, big money especially in the USA and China. When new this turntable cost more than a family car. The 948 is the "baby" of the range but even so is extremely desirable. The turntable works and has an EMT arm fitted though I'm not exactly sure what the cartridge fitted to it is but for most buyers that is probably a minor detail. There are some minor cosmetic blemishes - mostly due to people setting things on the lid and scratching the plastic and as you can see from the photos someone has stuck a sticker on the front panel but that will be easily removed.

If anyone is interested then get in touch and I will try to get better photos and give you more info. I'm open to reasonable offers but just to give some idea here is one currently on ebay. (I am not looking quite this sort of money as I think they are over pricing it for the foreign markets)


Some bad photos, my portable high seat was visible in one of the pictures but I removed that one in case someone tried to buy the high seat, again if there is any actual interest I will do some decent ones and these are really just to prove that I do have one to sell: