I'm having a clear out of old audio gear, it seems unlikely I would shift it on SD but you never know and I thought only good manners to offer to decent stalkers first:

I have 4 Calrec PQ-1161-02 mic amp and EQ modules. These are very desirable items within the vintage audio community and working units are worth around 1,000 each with racked pairs worth in the 3k - 4k region. The units are unracked and sold as seen. They were removed from a Calrec GP desk about 20 years ago and so will require considerable work to get them up and running again, for a start they will need re-capped before any attempt is made to apply power to them and racking them will require some knowledge so you really need to know exactly what this is and what you are doing. I simply will not sell them to anyone who can't convince me that they know what needs done as you'd be wasting your money.

I'm looking around 250 each for them which I think is a very good price and would allow someone who knows what they are doing to spend a bit of time on them and still turn a profit or get top notch mic amps and EQs at a very reasonable price. These don't come up very often, and even less often at bargain prices as restoration projects so if you are willing to put some work into them you can either sell them on at profit or have EQ and mic amps that are the envy of your friends!

Some photos below: