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    which manufacturer

    Im coming to the end of my current batch of Federal 150gr .308 ammo, and having had difficulty getting decent quantities of this locally I thought I'd see what other people would recommend as alternaitves within a similar price range. The only other ammo I've ever tried was Remmy core lok in .243 and I hated it.

    Opinions please!
    Factory ammo only as I'm not into loading,


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    People seem to like the 123grain sako ammo. I have just bought some 150 grain lapua mega which look ok but I havent shot them yet so we will see. Otherwise I would look for Lapua Norma or RWS. Of the american ammo I would use Federal, Winchester then Remington in that order

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    i have used the sako rounds in 243 90g and was very impresed with them but i was firing them from a tikka t3 super varmint as they both come fromsame companey the results are not surprising depends on your gun im afraid every gun seams to like or dislike a particular round

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    Sako 123 is a popular choice - can be a bit aggressive close in - but that can be said for many things!

    Strange world - Sako and Federal are from same Distributor - GMK. Now GMK have their moments - good & bad, but the one constant has been a steady supply of 308 150 grain Federal from them - as much as we want, when we want it!

    They supply to dealers in 200 round outers - if hard to find locally could be local RFD reluctant to hold stock - which is understandable. But may be worth seeking a deal where he'll order in and hold for draw down onto your ticket - with a discount for the bulk order?

    Sako ammo is batch produced - GMKs monthly order in runs at 3000 plus rounds for 308 123 grain alone. But there can be delays in Sako supply - depending upon how their stocks are and the loading cycle. Sako supplied by GMK to dealers in 400 round outers - so potentially an even bigger stock issue than the Federal.

    Hope that helps.
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    I've always found RWS to be excellent factory ammo, used to use the 150gr SP .308 rounds and they performed well.

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    Just bought some 170 grain Geco , they grouped ok at about 1" at one hundred yards , there not the fastest hardest hitting round out there but delivered consistent groups which for me is more important.Will be trying them on Roe , Fallow and Muntjac in the next couple of weeks.will let you know how they perform.

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    couldnt agree with u more rws is good ammo

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