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Thread: Torch Bargain

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    Torch Bargain

    Tesco Cree Aluminium Torch (2Aa) - Groceries - Tesco Groceries

    For anyone looking for a great wee pocket torch the above is worth a look. I picked one up in Tesco this evening and just gave it a go across the fields from the garden. What a superb wee torch!

    I know there are more powerful on EBay but if they pack in what do you do? If this stops working, straight back to the store.

    It is small enough to pop in the pocket when stalking late at night and I have no doubt you could walk into a fox and manage a shot at 50m+ away easily.

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    Hi I have had a couple of them 2 or so years now great little torches and excuse the pun they are light years ahead of the equivilent Maglite

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