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Thread: Scope mounts aluminium or steel?

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    Scope mounts aluminium or steel?

    Hi all,

    I have inherited a Swarovski Habicht (from memory its 6x40), I do know for sure its a 1" (25 mm Tube), recently we had it revamped and its got new glass as it was suspected as dropped. I am looking to put this ontop of a Winchester 30.06 carbine.

    The question that debates is over the mounts, should these be steel or aluminium my local community are quite divided but no reasons why.

    For reference, I have been looking at the Warne Steel rings and the Sports Match Aluminium ones (I don't believe either of these came from China - bad experience some time ago with Nikkon Sterling, using a popular bidding site for reference.

    The intention will be occasional range use (practise) and highseat shooting - Personally I don't mind which ones I go for, but understandably I only want to make a single investment, which won't cost the earth?

    Any assistance/guidance please.


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    Obviously Steel are more robust than alloy but then of course lacked steel can rust. Alloy can corrode so it's swings and round abouts really.

    You don't mention the rifle make or calibre and chambering. Some place more stress on the mounting system than others.

    In the end it's done to personal preference I am afraid. Like personally I am not keen on the vertically split rings as I just find them a bit of a bugbear to get the reticle aligned perfectly. The old horizontally split just seem easier to me. Perhaps it's what i am used to?

    Then it comes down to looks.................................. the Sportsmatch just look blocky and ugly to me. More at home of a drastic-plastic black tactical rig with bolts showing everywhere.

    Now I did actually buy a set of those Chinese made Nikko Sterling Platinum rings in 30mm which are holding a scope on a rifle. Wanted to try out this 30mm tubed scope and didn't want/need to pay a small fortune for rings as the scope will probably be moving on later. Wanted to play with it's Mil-Dot reticle so see what all the fuss is about. The Platinum rings have worked just fine and were dirt cheap at about £15 the set.

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    Hi Sorry have been away.

    The rifle in question is a Winchester 70, approx 15-20 years old in .30-06. Although it is tapped for scopes there is a 20mm wide weaver rail on there. The existing mounts are low profile and hold the 25mm diameter scope. Currently the front mount, which I suspect now looking at the screws which is clearly underpowered to deal with the recoil, at present it looks like someone has put a reamer down it, where the scope should sit, the rear mount looks OK as its still dark inside and not shiny like the front one.

    The issue I face is I have been quoted I should have £100+ mounts on there and others saying £20-30 ebay jobbies. In reality all I need is something that wont break the bank and can do the job, as I realise you do in this world get what you pay for, hence I would be interested in any feedback recommendations?

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    These are what I use at present I love them there light and strong and don't look to bad either

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    Cool, I bought some today Leupold 1" Low PRW Permanent Weaver-Style Rings, person who owned the shop really friendly and helpful, a credit to his trade:

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