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Thread: I spy a CWD!

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    I spy a CWD!

    Hi all,
    Today I saw some Chinese Water Deer, My first sighting of these funny little deer. I drive a lorry so I'm always on the look out for deer as I'm going about my rounds. I drove past Woburn Abbey and saw three CWD over the wall. I thought well that doesn't count they are captive. Five minutes later I see another one picking its way around the edge of a ploughed field this side of the estate wall. My drivers mate said "I bet you wish you had your gun?"
    I explained that, that was poaching and that just to see a chink for the first time was reward enough.

    Made my day it did

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    congrats to another first beowulf BUT they taste even better having a CWD steak tonight from the last one i shot delicious

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    You lucky sod! I'll be dining out on teeth and splintered jaw bone! The denist is adamant that my problem teeth are coming out today! Heartless butcher, I'm trying to prepare for my Scotland trip at the end of the week!

    Stone do you get out much on the CWD's?

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    i hav been twice and shot five so i am very lucky but am planning to go after christmas as my job does not give me any time of till then

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    i hope yor mouth calms down a bit before your week of pain starts but i got home tonight to find idid not hav CWD steak my other half not feeling to well thought they were wild boar steaks and didi not fancy that so she put them away and got out (yes you guessed it) wild boar steaks
    when i told her she gave me both steaks and they were fantastic
    yes kent i know an indelible pen and big letters, she just had a blonde moment and blamed it on me

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    Hi Stone,
    I had my teeth drilled in the end to release the pressure from the absess. The teeth come out after my Scottish trip. Lucky escape!
    Wild Boar, yum sounds nice!
    I've just watched Hugh Fearnley's fish program. Farm you own carp! I'm off to dig a pond in the garden.

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    No furniture polish. I'm really getting into more unusual foods. I want to hunt or produce more of what i eat, balls to tescos!

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    best hire a mini digger saves the back you will need all your strength keeping the the herons at bay

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    I did a stint as a water baliff. The best bit of the job was shooting the cormorants. (DEFRA approved of course).

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