Ok. I think now its time to cut and paste some of what Mr Barrington has said in the past. After all, the CA say, it is only "inappropriate" use of guns in "amateur hands" that he is concerned about. But has he always qualified what he has said with such words in recent years?

23 September 2004:
"Importantly, there is no wounding; the fox either escapes or is killed, something that simply cannot be said about other methods of control. Nobody can deny that the last minutes of a “run” must involve some stress. But by what standard of comparison do we judge this? Recently, someone out lamping for foxes at night shot a birdwatcher. In another case, a fox was shot through the head and survived for days before being caught by a local foxhunt pack. A hunt ban will entail an inevitable increase in shooting; will such examples multiply?"

Google "Jim Barrington" and "shooting" or "wounding" or "gangrene" and you might be surprised with what you find. Some carrying the "Middle Way" imprest some carrying the CA imprest.