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    morning guys,
    I know this has been asked before and I have tried the idiots guide posted not so long ago,but how the hell do we get photos on to web site,, thanks for any help.tone,,

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    Morning Tony,

    It is quite easy to do actually, well I can do it!. Get yourself an account on photobucket and upload some photo's. The when you are in photobucket and looking at the photo you want you will see a grid underneath it, I think it has about four options, the bottom one being image. Click on this and it shows you the web address for the photo, copy it and paste it into your post where you want the photo to appear and all being well it should appear.

    Now I have done this from memory, but I do know that on here somewhere there are several more concise and I am sure better explanations of how to do it, just have a go with the search button if this does not work. Better yet someone may come along and tidy up my version


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